ebfoodculture, as for its name, is a website completely dedicated to food culture. Its purpouse is to provide the visitors with a new perspective, inspiring both their taste and mind at the same time.
To reach this result, a new approach to the matter is adopted. Learning how to cook something is not the most important thing in these pages: a recipe becomes the starting point to explore its origins, ingredients, the historical and geographic context and all the interesting, strange facts about it.
This approach is adopted thinking that food is not just “feeding”, but has a very strong connection with culture.
The author of this site is deeply convinced that the pleasure of eating may be really improved by knowing something more about what you’re actually eating.
From this point of view, we could say that knowledge is like a completely new, “invisible” ingredient.


elcome to Webfoodculture, my name is Antonio, author and creator of this site. I have a degree in Italian literature, a European Cookery Professional Diploma and an AIS Sommelier Diploma.
I also have a huge passion for information technology: it was this passion to make me understand the great importance of the Internet as an effective tool for content distribution.
Webfoodculture is the sum of my knowledge, experiences and hobbies: by making this site, my ultimate goal is to create something new that, I hope, will interest and engage all its visitors.
I wish a good reading experience to all of you. Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions, thank you!

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Epicurus about food ©:1

Fire in the chili pepper


hat we feel when eating some chili pepper, the stinging sensation of warmth, is not heat at all. Those flames that literally explode in our mouths (and not just there), are really only an illusion. There is a substance inside this fruit, the so-called “capsaicin”, that stimulates our heat receptors: these send to the brain a fake signal. All tests have proved that there is no real increase of temperature.

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