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elcome to Webfoodculture. This website is meant to deepen the knowledge of food and wine, examining them from an unusual point of view, that of culture. The stories, the information and the fun facts about a product or a recipe, are aspects usually considered not very important: in these pages they are almost fundamental. A new approach, adopted by the author in the belief that this kind of knowledge is like an additional ingredient that can improve flavor.


ebfoodculture is the fruit of the knowledge and the interests of its author: Antonio Maria Guerra. Writer, sommelier, cook and webmaster: competences and capabilities that, thanks to the new opportunities offered by the Internet, merge with each other. This website represents the final step of a long journey, the result of an uncommon learning experience that, in time, has inspired a new approach to food and wine.

Please feel free to email the author for questions, comments or suggestions.

Botticelli, 'The Birth of Venus' (img-01)

Happiness for man (img-01)

Margherita: pizza of Queens.


any say that ‘Margherita’, the queen of pizzas, derives its name from that of a real one: Margherita of Savoy. Is it true? Well, it’s certainly enough to arouse curiosity and start a little investigation, deepening the knowledge of what is probably the most famous Neapolitan specialty. (continue)

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