Euganean Hills: most typical food


he Euganean Hills rise up in Northeast Italy, not far from the city of Venice. This group of Volcanic reliefs has few rivals in terms of history, beauty and charm. It’s like a treasure chest, full of precious jewels. Among these, the local food and wine: let’s start knowing and appreciating these delicacies, surrounded by enchanting landscapes, suspended between past and present.


Typical food and wine from the Euganian Hills, a place rich in charm and culture.

Typical food & wine of the Euganian Hills.

A villa, Goldoni and the Friularo wine.

A villa, Goldoni and the Friularo wine.


here is a place where emotions from a time past, art, culture and taste, seem to blend with each other. A beautiful, ancient villa in the Italian countryside becomes the source of feelings that inevitably ignite inspiration. It’s here that the Friularo wine was born, fruit of a sensibility slowly acquired over the centuries. (continue)

Ballotta: Galileo’s trattoria (img-01) Ballotta: Galileo’s trattoria (img-01)

Ballotta: Galileo’s trattoria.


here are places where food, no matter how delicious, manages to acquire additional, unexpected flavour: places like ‘Ballotta’, a ‘trattoria’, serving typical specialities since the XVII Century to all kind of customers. Among them, very famous people such as Galileo Galilei … and many others! (continue)

Maraschino and Luxardo (img-03) Maraschino and Luxardo (img-03)

Maraschino and Luxardo.


araschino’ is the main ingredient of some of the most famous cocktails in the world. Its captivating flavor comes from a very particular type of cherry, the ‘marasca’. Its name is indissolubly associated to a brave and competent entrepreneurial family: the Luxardos. (continue)


ne of the most precious gems of the Euganean Hills is certainly Arquà Petrarca. Part of the name of this village derives from that of one of its greatest admirers, the famous Fouteenth Century writer Francesco Petrarca. It’s without doubts a magical place: walking through its narrow alleys, it’s possible to breathe an air full of culture and history.


ust a few images are more than enough to understand the magic and charm of the Euganean Hills. Their gentle slopes create a relaxing landscape, marked by the sounds, the scents and the colors of nature. Endless rows of vines, similar to a precious diadem, surround a place suspended in time, whose pace is perfect for study and meditation.

Colli Euganei, tramonto.

Italy, Veneto Region.

State: Italy
Region: Veneto

The Euganean Hills


he Euganian Hills are a group of volcanic reliefs whose height does not exceed six hundred meters. They rise up from the Po valley plain, in the northeast of the Italian peninsula, not too far from the city of Padova. Their name comes from Latin: it was used by the Ancient Romans for the local population.

The most typical and traditional food and wine.

Petrarch and the Euganian Hills


rancesco Petrarca, one of the most famous intellectuals of the Fourteenth Century, was a great lover of the charm and tranquility of the Euganean Hills, so much to settle in the local village of Arquà. The most renowned work of this author is certainly the ‘Canzoniere’: a collection of compositions (mostly sonnets), in great part about his passion for a woman, Laura. A troubled romance, originating considerations that quite often go well beyond just love.

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