“starter”, also known as “appetizer”, is what comes before the main course: it is just a snack, usually consisting in small portions of salty food, meant to whet the appetite. The same kind of food can be served as a side course.


Many different recipes, quite different from each other, both for ingredients and preparation. Sandwiches.

Crocchè in the vicoli of Naples. Crocchè in the vicoli of Naples.

Crocchè in the vicoli of Naples.


he so-called “vicoli” are among the most typical and interesting places in the city of Naples. Walking through one of these narrow alleys, is like entering in a different, strange world: an experience that involves all the senses, including the taste. So, let’s stop by a small “friggitoria” and buy a crocchè, savoring it while strolling around. (continue)

: Italy

The colors in a bruschetta. The colors in a bruschetta.

The colors in a bruschetta.


he bruschetta: a simple slice of toasted bread becomes a stage where the most typical Mediterranean ingredients show their colors. Tastes and smells remembering the Classical Age, a time long gone, when Roman ships crossed the sea, carrying oil, wheat and wine.

: Italy

The Count of Sandwich. The Count of Sandwich.

The Count of Sandwich.


andwiches: small portions of food consisting of stuffed bread, we usually eat them as a snack. Probably not everyone knows that they have “noble origins”: their name comes from that of John Montagu, IV Count of Sandwich. It seems he ate quite a lot of them: some say to feed during endless golf sessions, some others not to leave his desk when working … you choose. (coming soon)

: United Kingdom

Empanadas in a milonga. Empanadas in a milonga.

Empanadas in a milonga.


he tango ballroom is called “milonga”: the most famous milongas are in Argentine, in the city of Buenos Aires. In these places, passion and the sociality, typical elements of the “porteno” spirit, express at their best. If passion finds its peak in the sensuality of the dance, socialization is enhanced by a convivial atmosphere, where wine and food play a fundamental role. The so-called “empanada” is a local delicacy always present on the table of the dancers. (coming soon)

: Argentine

Taralli under the sun of Mergellina. Taralli under the sun of Mergellina.

Taralli under the sun of Mergellina.


he promenade of Naples is called “Mergellina”, it’s like a long cut that separates the city from the blue water of the gulf: a beautiful place, rich in history, kissed by the sun. Strolling along it, it’s easy to come across some little food shops where it’s possible to buy the so-called “taralli”: salad biscuits, ring shaped, peppered and very rich in flavour. It is said that the best way to savor them, is dipped in the sea water. (coming soon)

: Italy

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Hot dogs at the Yankee Stadium.


he Yankee Stadium, one of the temples of baseball, is in New York City, in the Bronx neighborhood. What better place to savor one of the food specialities most loved by Americans: the hot dog. The direct and informal behaviour of an entire people, as complex as interesting, is condensed in a simple sandwitch. (coming soon)

Mozzarella … in a carriage!


he carriage, in italian “carrozza”, is made of slices of bread. Mozzarella is placed in the carriage (between the slices), then everything is covered with yolk and fried. It’s a kind of food from Naples: you can buy it in one of the “friggitorie” around the city. It’s quite easy to recognize it, for the typical triangular shape and the goldenrod color. The same recipe exists also in Venice, with a couple of small differences: the rectangular shape and the addition of ham and anchovy.

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