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he ‘traditional food’ section of WebFoodCulture is about the most traditional international food and wine specialties, with a particular focus on their place of origin. The following articles include not just recipes, but also stories, interesting facts and the location of the most traditional restaurants to taste these delights. In addition, they provide useful information on the historic manufacturers.


The most traditional food. The historic restaurants and manufacturers.

Jewels of the Euganean Hills.


he Euganean Hills rise up in Northeast Italy, not far from the city of Venice. This group of Volcanic reliefs has few rivals in terms of history, beauty and charm. It’s like a treasure chest, full of precious jewels. Among these, the local food and wine: let’s start knowing and appreciating these delicacies, surrounded by enchanting landscapes, suspended between past and present. (continue)


Naples: most traditional food. Naples: most traditional food.


sole mio’, one of the most famous Italian songs, is very effective in celebrating the joyful spirit of Naples and of its people. A spirit strongly present also in the food of this city: let’s get familiar with it, appreciating its history and its exquisite ingredients. Let’s be carried away by a whirlwind of colors and flavors overwhelming all senses. (continue)


Venice: most traditional food. Venice: most traditional food.


enice is without doubts one of the most fascinating places in the world. The foundations of its magnificent palaces, legacy of a glorious past, lay on a multitude of small islands, connected to each other by a dense network of narrow canals. Let’s navigate through them aboard a romantic ‘gondola’, looking for the most exquisite delicacies the ‘Doge’s city’ can offer. (continue)


The most traditional specialties.

Tokyo: most traditional food. Tokyo: most traditional food.

Tokyo: most traditional food.


okyo, the capital of Japan, is the ideal place to savor some of the most traditional specialties from the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s a country suspended between past and present, tradition and modernity, strongly influenced by Zen, a philosophy of life endlessly looking for harmony and beauty … even regarding food.
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Buenos Aires: most traditional food. Buenos Aires: most traditional food.

Buenos Aires: most traditional food.


uenos Aires, the door to Argentina: it’s a city where, over the years, the European food and wine tradition got mixed up with the local one, creating delicious specialties that perfectly incarnate the sunny mood of the ‘porteni’, the town’s people. Let’s taste these specialties, accompanied by the romantic notes of a tango. (coming soon)


Virginia Woolf about food (img-01)

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La ‘Bodeguita’: Hemingway’s Bar.


t is said that ‘La Bodeguita del Medio’, one of the most traditional and interesting tourist attractions in Havana (Cuba), is the birthplace of a very famous cocktail: the ‘Mojito’. There are no doubts that this bar is quite special: some of its customers were celebrities like (to name a few) Hernest Hemingway, Pablo Neruda e Salvador Allende.

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